Cypress Family

Consisting of full collaborative teams including two collaborative attorneys, a divorce coach to help you with communication and powerful emotions, a child specialist to assist you as a parent understand what your children are experiencing and how to help your children through your adult transition, and a certified divorce financial analyst to help you accurately understand what assets and debts you possess, and to grasp the longer term implications of any financial arrangement you may consider. Other professionals may be added as appropriate in your specific situation

Cypress Simplified

Consisting of two collaborative attorneys, one for each of the divorcing partners. Cypress Simplified may be appropriate for you if you have no children or if you face difficult financial circumstances. You may add other professionals, such as divorce coaches, certified divorce financial analysts, or child specialists as appropriate.

Cypress Mediation

Consisting of a Cypress mediator who will facilitate your face-to-face conversation with your spouse or partner. Cypress Mediation is appropriate if you have a relatively low level of conflict, communicate well, and have been able to maintain mutual respect. Again, you may elect to add other professionals to assist with your negotiation.

Cypress Unbundled

Consisting of a la carte services selected by the client without continuing professional involvement, except as the client may desire. For example, you might choose to have a Cypress attorney draft pleadings that reflect your agreement with your spouse, or have a single conversation with a child specialist about your circumstance, or meet with a certified divorce financial analyst to get questions about your finances answered.